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Cosmic Witch (April 2022)

Theme : Cosmic Witch

A Cosmic Witch can be defined as a witch who bases their craft and spell work on the alignment of the planets, the stars, and the magickal moon phases. Want to know if you are a Cosmic Witch, try out this box and see if you feel a connection.
Write Your Own Horoscope book by Jane Struthers
Exclusive Cosmic Witch Pin Badge
Exclusive Moon Ritual Herb Blend
Grey Banded Agate Crystal with Information card
Exclusive Book of Shadows page - Signs of the Zodiac
Exclusive Moon Phases information card
Exclusive Cosmic Charm Keyring
Exclusive Encouraging Peace Spell Kit
Exclusive Nag Champa incense
Exclusive Blue Moon Tea kit
Exclusive Art Card by Millie Hardy Sims
Cosmic Witchbox full reveal
Tea ritual kit, shows an empty tea bag, wooden spoon, lavender and loose leaf tea and instructions
write your own horoscope book by Jane struthers - blue book on wooden table
Blue badge in the shape and Saturn that reads 'Cosmic Witch'
Grey banded age with information card in black with white writing and blue stars
Ope book
Herb blend in black packaging outside on grass