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Become part of our magickal community, with access to a private group, where you can discuss your path in a safe space, when you subscribe. We are excited to share our knowledge and skills with you. Our boxes contain goods with a minimum retail value of £70 (when priced individually)

June Theme - Healing Tides

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What our customers are saying

Extremely pleased. The first box I received was divination and I couldn’t believe my luck. Amazing for experienced & baby witches.


Best ever. I really looked into what subscription box is best and I’ve never been disappointed everything is such good quality and you get so much! Totally addicted and grateful for my monthly box!


This box was absolutely amazing! ... this month was on a different level. I was just very impressed with how much and how good the quality was! I’m super excited to get into this box as it relates to me as a Scorpio! Keep it up guys this was great, cannot wait to see next months!


Witchbox, well its amazing, whether you are new or not so new! to Crafting its a real joy, different themes each month, pre done spell kits, jewellery, items for your alter, beautifully packed, I cant recommend Witchbox highly enough. They even put a box together for my birthday.


I am never disappointed with my Witchbox. There is always something inside to engage me and push my knowledge further. It has also surprised me with its aptness - a box for self-love when I have needed it and, my favourite so far, the goddess box. Items chosen with care and of amazing quality.


I have been receiving my little box of monthly happiness for nearly 2 years now & have loved every single box. The care & attention that goes into them is superb & the quality is excellent. Thank you Witchbox team xx


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