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Environmental impact

Reducing our impact on the environment

Protecting our beautiful environment has always been at the heart of the Witchbox ethos and our own personal witchcraft practices. Over the past few years growing this loving Witchbox community it has taught us so much about what more we could be doing to protect our precious environment.

Our Packaging

Witchbox has always strived to include as little plastic as possible in our boxes but we have had to use some plastics to keep herbs or teas fresh. We have now found a supplier who can provide us with biodegradable plastic bags. These bags will biodegrade within a matter of months rather than years or centuries. So once these bags are no longer needed you can just throw them on your compost.

Another change we have made to our boxes packaging is the use of shredded paper, biodegradable bubble wrap, and no plastic mailing bags. Paper is not only biodegradable as it is made from natural materials but can be recycled curb side to be repurposed into new products, cutting waste.

Additional packaging that is not biodegradable or recyclable such as organza/ velvet bags are included with the idea that these products will be kept and reused.

Our Products

Going forward we also aim to have the majority of our products made from natural fibres such as wood, cork, cotton, ceramics and glass. As well as long lasting materials such as metal that can be recycled indefinitely.

Our concern about the environment also applies to our suppliers when we can. For example our print supplier is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and are a 0 landfill waste business with 95% being recycled and 5% being converted into fuel.

Although our products are suitable for vegetarians we are not a 100% vegan box. As we practise traditional witchcraft some products, derived from animals, are occasionally used such as feathers and beeswax. However when these products are used they are responsibly sourced, the feathers most recently used were moulted flight feathers so no birds were harmed. If we can find an alternative to these animal derived products we always include these instead.

Our Partners

We have recently partnered with Clean Ocean Initiatives to donate a percentage of each of our subscription box sales. For every £1.30 donated 1kg of plastic is removed from the ocean. Removing plastic from our beautiful oceans is a cause all of us at Witchbox are extremely passionate about and cannot wait to see what a big difference we can all make together. Subscribe to our mailing list to get update on how much plastic we have removed so far!

Our Promise

As a team at Witchbox we also promise to continue our good environmental practices in the workplace. These include recycling as much as we can and repurposing items that cannot be, creating as little waste as possible.

We realise that even with these steps there is still more to be done to protect the environment around us. Putting in practices that protect our environment is an ever evolving process that we promise to continue to improve on and update you as we do.

Blessings x