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Goddess & Divinity (May 2022)

Themed : Goddess & Divinity

Many witches choose to work with the Divine in one way or another. Whilst belief systems are many and varied, those working with witchcraft often use divinity in their practice as there is a long history of the intersection between magick and the Divine.

Exclusive Goddess Oracle Cards
Exclusive Sandalwood Incense Sticks
White Wood Hanging Pentagram
Exclusive Spiritual Elixir Tea
Exclusive Temporary Tattoos
Exclusive White Spell Candles
Snowflake Obsidian Crystal with Exclusive Info Card
Exclusive Glamour Spell Kit
Exclusive List of Deities Book of Shadows page
Exclusive Goddess Necklace
Exclusive White Rose Soap 
Exclusive Art Card
White wooden pentagram decoration with rope
White rose soap being help up to the camera in hand
With tattoos on wrist
Parchment style sheet with information about deities