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Green Witch (June 2022)

Theme : Green Witch

A Green Witch can be defined as a witch who draws heavily on the power of the earth and nature. They prefer to use resources from mother earth including plants, flowers, and oils. A Green Witch loves practicing their craft outdoors, from small urban gardens to wild forests. 

Exclusive Peaceful Home Charm Bag Spell Kit
Exclusive Magickal Flower Blend
Exclusive Cleansing Honeysuckle soap
Exclusive Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Exclusive Green Aventurine and Information card
Exclusive Lavender Incense 
Exclusive Wooden Herb Drying Rack 
Exclusive Green Witch Art Card
Earth Magick Spell Card
Exclusive Natures Pantry Book of Shadows Page
Exclusive Magickal Herb Labels
Green Witchbox box reveal on wooden table shot from above
Mini Glass botttle of flaxseed, lavender and rose petals in a small wooden box
Green Aventurine stones
Hand holding an art card that reads 'its easy being green'