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Magickal Readings (August 2022)

Theme : Magickal Readings

The interpretation of readings of different kinds has long been the cornerstone of Witchcraft with the first tarot decks dating back to the 1430s. Today witches may use tasseography, pendulums, palmistry, or many other forms of reading as part of their craft.

Wild Card Book by Jen Crowie & Fiona Lensvelt 
Exclusive Major Arcana Tarot Deck
Exclusive Make your own Pendulum kit 
Exclusive Rose petals for Phyllorhodomancy
Exclusive Pendulum Board 
Exclusive BOS page on Tasseography 
Exclusive Opening the third eye Spell Kit 
Exclusive Sunset Sodalite crystal and Information card 
Exclusive Citronella Incense 
Exclusive Fortune teller
Exclusive Art Card
Black major arcana tarot deck on a dark wood background
Witch paper fortune teller
Mini glass bottle with herbs being held between thumb and index finger