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Witchbox Lite
Witchbox Lite
Witchbox Lite

Witchbox Lite

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The Witchbox Lite is a smaller more affordable version of the original Witchbox. This box will follow the same theme as the original and have a curated selection of items from this box. There is also the possibility this box will contain an exclusive item not found in the Witchbox original.  Each box will contain 4 or more magickal items with a minimum retail value of £35.

Items will include a combination of the following :

  • Witchcraft Books
  • Magickal crystals
  • Exclusive Spell kits 
  • Enchanting Herb Blends
  • Beautiful Art and informative card
  • Altar tools
  • Pin badges
  • Witchcraft tools
  • Other exclusive or hand-picked items 

This is a monthly recurring order. Your payment will be taken on the same date each month. Boxes will be shipped on the 16th of each month (+/- 2 days). NEW SUBSCRIBERS - your first box will be March. 

Small enough to fit through your postbox, our lite box is also ideal to be given as a gift. These boxes will not be sold separately and will be created monthly in limited batches.