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3 Simple Home and Self Protection Spells

Working with spell magick can be deeply rewarding bringing great benefits and improvement to our lives. Many spells have been translated from ancient documents and adapted for modern use, thankfully we no longer have to write them all in Theban - the secret language of the Witch. 

Understanding how to protect your magickal space and yourself is one of the first lessons all beginner witches should take time to learn. Having this knowledge will allow you to expand your spell work whilst knowing you are protected from negative energies or spirits. We have created 3 spells that any witch can perform to keep them protected, all spells are written by a witch with 30 plus years experience in witchcraft. 

Charm Bag Spell For Protection

The purpose of a charm bag is to hold a spell that can be carried with you. This spell provides you with a portable protection device, that can be used in your home or carried with you. 

Ingredients :

Orange charm bag (Orange aids communication for your protection wish)

Orange ribbon

Red tealight Candle (red candles add strength and energy to the spell)*

A mix of agrimony and sea salt


Pentagram charm

*Red candles can also be used for passion, love and competitiveness spells so it is recommended that you do not charge your spell bag with intent in your bedroom. 


1. Light the red candle. Carefully fill the orange bag with all of the herbs, use as little or as much as your intention tells you.  Agrimony is used for protection against psychic attach and to repel negative energy. It can also send most spells that have been cast upon you back to the sender. Sea salt has been used for centuries to aid protection, where as Vervain, when combined with other herbs will heighten your intent. 

2. Pull the cord of the bag and then thread or tie the pentagram charm onto the orange ribbon

3. Hold the filed charm bag in your hands and clearly picture your intent. Concentrate on how you wish to be protected and visualise white light surrounding you and your home. Breath deeply allowing the picture of how you will be protected to run through your mind. This charges the charm bag with your magickal intent. 

4. Carefully pass the bag through the smoke given off by the candle. If you wish you can also light incense (we recommend sage or lemon scented) and pass the bag through the smoke generated by the incense. Place you bag at a safe distance from the candle and allow the candle to burn away. 

5. Your charm bag is now charged and can be carried with you or kept safe in your home. Place on you altar or at any entrance ways. 

Witch Bottle Spell For Protection 

Witch bottles have been used for centuries to protect homes and those living in them. Traditionally they were buried underneath hearth stones or in the chimney breasts. This spell can be used to protect your home from evil intent. 


Glass bottle with cork stopper (or similar)

Red Spell Candle

Sea Salt (this can be substituted for other salts such as black salt or table salt)

Lavender Flowers (fresh or dry)

Strands of your hair and nail clippings


1. Cleanse the glass bottle by holding it in the smoke from the burning incense, burying overnight in earth, or immersing in a flowing stream/ spring water. 

2. Fill the bottle with the salt and lavender use as little or as much as your intention tells you. Then add a few strands of your hair and some nail clippings, this makes the spell personal to you.

3. As you fill the bottle concentrate on how you will be protected and envision an energy field of white light around you and your home. 

4. Put the cork in the top of the bottle. Light the red candle and allow the molten wax to drip on the cork stopper to seal it. 

5. Take your bottle at night, preferably on a full moon, or during a waning moon and bury it as close to your home and possible. If you live in a flat you may wish to bury it in a potted plant close to your front door, either outside or in. 

6. As you bury it recite the following chant:

Lavender, hair, nail and salt
Bring any attack on me to nought
Guard against any harm to me 
As I will it, so mote it be 

This spell should stay in place whilst the bottle is buried and unopened. 

Sleep Protection Spell

Some witches believe that between the hours of 10pm to 2am the veils between dimension thins. Use this spell to protect you while you sleep and have a restful night. 

Ingredients :

Dried Lavender

Dried Rosemary

Dried Rose Petals

Black Spell Bag

White Tealight

Rose Incense (cones or sticks)


 1 . You may wish to first have a scented bath and take a walk in nature. When you are ready to go to sleep you can start the spell. 

2. Place the tealight in the room where you are to sleep. Ensure it is in a safe place and in a fire proof dish. Light the tealight. Place the incense close by and light. 

3. Place the lavender, rosemary and rose petals into the spell bag. 

4. Tie securely and chant the following 

By this candle, I will sleep
Protected from harm, in sleep so deep,
Grant peace to me this night
Thus I will wake fresh in the morning light

5. Place the spell bag under your pillow.

6. Visual white light rising from the ground in circle and then covering you, until it is all around you. If you wish you can visualise white light surrounding your room, bed and your home.

7. Blow out your candle, relax and let the sleep gently wash over you. 

Share and let us know how you find working these spells, remember if you do not have one of the ingredients there are always alternatives. Leave a comment or email us at info@witchbox.co.uk if you have any questions. Blessings x 


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  • I don’t have the things that you are telling me in order to do a protection bag. I have a lot of other things but not anything orange/red etc. I’m still quite new to my craft (and lot’s of other people are in the same boat), it’s so frustrating for us begginers. Help!! Blessed be.

    Leann Hemphill

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