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4 Magickal uses for conkers in Witchcraft

One of the pillars of witchcraft is harnessing the magick of the natural world. Many witches find the ingredients for their spells and crafts not through shopping but by foraging. This means your craft must adapt to the seasons, this includes planning ahead and drying the ingredients you may need for the future and expanding your knowledge of the new ingredients that will be available during each season and the swaps you can make. In this blog we are going to take you through an item that is in abundance during Autumn/winter, the conker. 

1. Use in a Money Mojo bag or Abundance bowls

Green money mojo bag witchcraft

Any research or further reading you do about conkers will reference their powerful association with money and prosperity.  

Money Mojo Spell:


  • Conker
  • Bay leaf 
  • Coins or notes
  • Cinnamon 
  • Nutmeg
  • Green Candle
  • Mojo Bag or Bowl 


First, a word of warning:  when conducting any form of money spell, be careful not to wish for vast sums of money.  The most common way to suddenly gain a large amount of money is through a loss or bereavement, which is not usually the intended outcome of a spell.  Instead, ask the universe to give you what you need. 

Money spells are best worked on a Wednesday, so select a suitable time and prepare yourself and your space.  Before conducting the spell, select a few coins/notes in your own currency and cleanse them by leaving overnight in vinegar and then rinsing them in spring, or moon water.  Alternatively you can leave them in the light of the moon for a period of time. 

Light your green candle and keep it close. Open your mojo bag and clear your thoughts.  Concentrate on increasing your wealth, according to your needs as  you sprinkle in first the nutmeg and cinnamon then the conker.  Both spices are associated with attracting wealth. 

Then add the bay leaf, you may choose to add a sigil for prosperity to you leaf beforehand.  It doesn’t matter if the leaf is broken it will work all the same.  Bay concentrates your effort and allows money to flow in your direction. 

Add your cleansed coins, imagining yourself more financially comfortable.  Think about what increased wealth can bring to you and what you will use the money for. 

Once the bag is complete say, or chant the following: 

“Money come to me and flow 

Let this money grow and grow” 

Blow out the green candle, if you are using a bowl you can add some the was to the bowl. 

Carry the mojo bag with you, in your bag or pocket when you are out and about.   

To recharge the bag/bowl, leave it overnight to sit in the light of the moon, either outside or on a window ledge, on another Wednesday night and, after clearing your mind, set your intention again by repeating the above chant. 

 2. Make your own Runes

Conker runes

Runes are an ancient form of divination many witches still use. 

To make your runes you will need 24 conkers of similar size and a permeant maker or what every tool you choose to mark your runes with. This method is for the ancient Elder Futhark runes if you are creating the Witches runes you will only need 13 conkers. 

Before drawing on the symbols to your runes, make sure they are washed and cleansed so nothing will interfere with the answers they give you. Once dried begin to write on the 24 symbols, it does not matter if they are perfect as this is individual to you. Once you have written on all the symbols you should take some time to connect with this set before using for divination. To do this you can hold them tightly in you palm and meditate or hold them up to your third eye. Once you are happy with the runes find a bag that is opaque and place them inside. 

Runes can be read in variety of ways, here are just 3:

  1. Draw 3 runes from the bag. These will represent your past, present and future. Similar to how you use oracle cards. 
  2. Think of a question in you mind or speak it out loud. Place your hand into the bag and pick out 1 rune. 
  3. Think of a situation you need answers or guidance to and toss out all the runes on a soft surface. Then interpret the runes as they have fallen. 

3. Use to decorate a Yule Altar

Conker and leaf wreath

For each season or Sabbat some witches like to redecorate their altars. This is a great practice as you can start the season off with new intentions and goals. As conkers are seen as symbol of prosperity they make the ideal altar decoration welcoming in abundance for you in the areas of your life you wish to concentrate on. Using natural items from the season you are in can also display your thanks to mother earth. 

For the ultimate prosperity decoration for your Yule altar you may want to make a wreath from bay leave and conkers. Make a whole in the centre of each conker and leaf. Then gather wire or string and place on your conkers and bay leaves until you get to your desired size. Then decorate with a red or green bow. 

4. Keep as a lucky charm


For many the conker is a symbol of luck. To make the simplest lucky charm go out foraging until you find the conker that connects with you. Keep this conker in your pocket or make into a necklace. Keeping conkers in your pockets also has an added benefit as they can double as a destressing tool by rubbing them with you thumb. 

 Who knew so much magick could be found inside a conker!

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