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3 Magickal Ways to Encourage a Peaceful Holiday Season : A Witches Guide

The holiday season is a joyous time for many but it can also bring stresses with it. This may be a time when you are bringing together new families for the first time, reconnecting with those you have lost touch with or trying a new way of celebrating. It is no surprise people find this a time of high tension and stress, therefore we have put together a guide with some helpful tricks and tips from the witches toolbox to bring you a peaceful and harmonies holiday season. 

 1. Family Unity Enchantment 

One of the best parts of the holiday is getting to see and spend time with a family more often than usual. If you feel the desire to better communicate with your family and the need to promote harmony give the spell below a go. 


White Candle  

Rose petals 

Chamomile Tea Bag  

Lavender Tea Bag 

Small Glass Bottle with Cork 

Pink & Blue candles 


Hold the rose petals in your hands and take a few deep breaths. Visualize your family members in a circle, surrounded by a warm, glowing light of love and understanding. Sprinkle the rose petals into the flame of the candle. 

As the petals slowly burn pass the uncorked bottle through the smoke from the candle.  Visualise your love for your family flowing into and out of the bottle to surround them with love, kindness and patience. 

Take the chamomile and lavender tea bags and dip them in warm water. As it steeps, say the following incantation: 

"With love and light, this spell is cast, 

Family bonds now strong and steadfast. 

Let harmony and unity reign, 

Clearing all strife, healing all pain. 

By the power of love, so it shall be, 

As I will, so mote it be." 

After saying the incantation, take the tea bags and let them cool for a moment. Squeeze a drop or two of the liquid into the glass bottle.  Then hold the bottle in your hand and visualize the jar filling with the soothing energy of the spell, encapsulating the essence of family harmony. 

Close the container and seal it with a kiss, a gesture of love and intent. If you wish you can seal the candle with pink wax for love and blue wax for peace. 

Allow the white candle to burn down safely or extinguish it if you need to leave the area. 

Place the container in a prominent spot in your home, such as the kitchen or living room, where it can serve as a reminder of your family's unity.  Whenever tensions arise or communication falters within your family, hold the container for a moment and visualize the positive energy of the spell enveloping your loved ones.  Remember, magick is a reflection of your intentions and energy. Keep your focus on fostering understanding, patience, and love within your family, and the spell's effects will amplify your efforts towards achieving family harmony. 

2. Manifest calm and balance with crystals 

Crystal girds can be used for many purposes such as answering questions, guiding you on the right path and manifestation. To use a crystal grid to manifest calm and balance this holiday season follow the steps below. 

Manifesting calm and balance in your life: 

  • Collect 4 stones that channel calming energy such as Selenite, Amethyst, Fluorite, Quartz etc 
  • Then gather 2 more stones that represent the area of your life you want to bring calm and balance to such as rose quartz for your relationships or Citrine for your career.  
  • Place all these stones in the 6 large circles leaving the centre circle empty. Try and gather stones that are similar in size for balance.  
  • Finally take Lepidolite and place it in the centre circle. This is your grounding / anchor stone.  
  • Then begin to burn incense or oils and meditate in front of the grid, connecting to its balancing energy. This can be done each day until you sense balance in your life. 

If you are traveling and not able to bring a full grid then remove the grounding stone from your grid and keep it in your pocket. When you feel overwhelmed hold or rub this stone. 

3. A Spell to resolve conflict 

Conflict is an unavoidable part of life but it can be hard to foster peace between to the 2 parties. Use this spell when you when you feel 2 sides need to be brought back together with peace and love. This spell works using a traditional wooden Welsh love spoon symbol which has long been a token given for love or friendship. However if you do not have this items then feel free to use a personal object that represents peace to you or those in conflict. 


Wooden Welsh love spoon symbol 

Blue candle 

Blue ribbon 

Sandalwood incense stick 


This spell is best worked on a waxing or new moon to encourage peace to grow.  Clear your space and your mind.  Light the incense stick and waft the smoke over the love spoon, candle and ribbon to cleanse it.  

Leave the incense to burn whilst you work the remainder of the spell. 

At this point, if you wish, you can write the name of the parties you wish to foster peace between on the ribbon.  This could include yourself.  Concentrate on feelings of love and calm as you do this. 

Then thread the ribbon through the love spoon and then tie around the candle. 

Place the candle in a holder or pile of sand on a heat resistant dish.  Light the candle and concentrate of the flame whilst continuing to think of the two parties you wish to bring peace between.  Send out your feelings of love, serenity and hopes for peace to the universe. 

If you wish you may say a few words about your hopes for peace or chant the following: 

“As below so is above, I send out hopes for peace and love 

As any conflict starts to ease, may this give a lasting peace 

Understanding and agreement now flow free 

With love go forth, so mote it be” 

Imagine your intention flowing through you, absorbing into the flame and sending out light and wishes for peace into the universe. 

When you feel ready, blow out the candle and snuff out the incense and watch your wishes carry on the smoke. 

You can repeat this spell by relighting the candle and incense stick and repeating your wish for peace or using the above chant again. 

 Hope you all have a peaceful and calm holiday season, Blessings x 

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