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7 Easy and affordable ways to celebrate Lammas


What is Lammas:

Lammas or Lughnasad is one of the eight sabbats and is celebrated on the 1st of August. This Sabbat focuses heavily on the celebration of bread and grain, with the word Lammas translating to 'Loaf Mass' . This is likely due to the fact it was around this time of year when the first grain would be harvested and then baked into bread to feed the community. Some of the grain would also be stored for later months as Lammas is also a sign we are heading into the darker half of the year and must be prepared for the months ahead.

For many pagans and witches this sabbat is a time to celebrate the life and death of the Celtic God of light, Lugh. Some believe Lugh sacrifices himself on Lammas, dying when the grain is cut and harvested. Lugh sacrifices himself to ensure a good grain harvest for the year. There are also stories that Lugh held large harvest festivals on the 1st of August to honour Tailtiu his stepmother.

As Lammas is the last fire festival and the first of the harvest festivals there are many ways you may choose to celebrate, we have listed just 7 below.

  1. Develop a new skill

Lugh is not only the god of light but the god of skills, craftsmanship and talent. Therefore, this is often thought to be a great time to develop new skills or improve on ones you may have abandoned. While the days are still long and warm why not try painting outside, flowering arranging with wildflowers or working on your BOS.

  1. Bake decorative Bread

As this is a sabbat celebrating the harvest of the first grains, baking bread is a must. The loaf you choose to bake will be up to you but why not try creating a cottage or plaited loaf decorated with edible flower, seasonal herbs or even paint it using homemade food colourings.

  1. Create a Lammas altar

Many witches like to change their altars with the sabbats, this can be a great way to bring each season into your home and your practice.

To create a Lammas altar you can use:

Crystals: Aventurine, Citrine, Topaz, Carnelian

Coloured Ribbon : Yellow, Gold, Red, Orange

Flowers: Sunflowers, Cornflowers, Mariogold, Poppies

Herbs: Basil, Rosemary, Wheat, Cornstalks

Foods: Apples, Wheat, Corn, Carrots


  1. Tarot spread

Lammas, like many sabbats, is a good time reflect and look forward to what the coming months will bring. To do this you can conduct a Lammas tarot spread using this guide. It can often be helpful to conduct 10-15 minutes of mediation prior to performing a tarot reading to help you attune with you inner self.

  1. Make a corn doll

Making a corn doll is one of the most traditional ways to honour Lammas. Some witches see corn dollies as representative of the spirt of corn and harvest which can then be kept all year.


  1. Four stalks of wheat – soaked and of similar length and width.
  2. Scissors
  3. String
  4. Orange or Yellow ribbon

Follow these steps to make your own simple corn dolly.

  1. Sunflower magick

It is around this time that Sunflowers began to bloom in Britain and many other parts of the globe. Traditionally sunflowers are seen as symbol of good luck, good fortune, joy and fertility.

Therefore, to bring you luck in the coming months ahead why not create a luck bowl to add to your Lammas altar or place at the entrance of your home.

You will need:

  • Green Aventurine
  • Sunflower seeds & dried petals 
  • Tigers eye
  • Basil
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Gold candle
  • Bay leaf and pen


  1. Cleanse your bowl and ingredients by passing them through incense smoke.
  2. Light your candle.
  3. Add your chosen items to the bowl one at a time, thinking clearly about your intentions as you hold them.
  4. Write on the bay leaf your intentions or a luck sigil. Place this inside the bowl or burn and dop into a fireproof cauldron.
  5. Let the candle fully burn down as you do this – taking any necessary fire precautions.
  6. Once the candle has burnt place this bowl on your Lammas altar or near the entrance of your home. 

If you are unable to gather all of these ingredients then you can carry the dried petals or seeds around your neck or in your pocket in a small vile.


  1. Show gratitude to mother earth

Although there is a lot of focus on the God Lugh during this time, Lammas also honours mother earth. Therefore, keep her at the centre of your mind when celebrating this sabbat celebrating the corn harvest.

The best way to do this is to go out into nature and forage for fresh herbs. When doing this make sure not wear headphones so you can listen to the sounds of nature. Find a quiet and safe spot and wait for a moment of stillness. Clasp in your hand any items you have foraged. Take a few deep breaths and give thanks to mother earth, either out loud or in your mind.


There you go 7 ways to have a wonderful Lammas even when on a tight budget, many of these activity's you will be able to perform with items you already have in the house. Blessings x 

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