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A simple spell bag for inner peace

What are spell bags?

Spell bags are one of the most common forms of spells you are likely to come across. They are fabric bags which the practitioner adds in herbs, crystals or personal items that they associate with magick. This may even include parts of themselves such as hairs or nail clippings. 

Once the spell bags have been created they can be hung around the house, worn around the neck, placed in a pocket or tucked under a pillow. Most witches will choose to place the spell bag in area that corresponds to the spell itself for example a prosperity bag would be kept in your purse or a protection bag kept around you neck at all times.  

Spell bags are made for many reasons, the spell we have designed is to ward off negative energy and therefore allow for inner peace. 

Inner Peace Spell Bag 


  • Cumin 
  • Sea Salt 
  • Pale blue spell bag 
  • Silver bell 
  • Blue Candle 

 Note: Blue has been chosen for the bag and candle as it symbolised peace in witchcraft, however the blue spell candle can be swapped out for white if you do not have blue available. White candles can be used as a replacement for any colour.

The quantities for the ingredients has not been specified as it is down to individual to add the amount they feel is right. In addition to the cumin and sea salt you may want to include rosemary and lavender as these are both strong peace and protection herbs . 


  1. First you will need to cleanse your spell bag.  This can be done by leaving it outside in the light of a full moon, passing it through running water or by filling it with smoke from sage or other cleansing incense. 
  2. When you are ready to make up your bag light the blue candle and carefully empty the cumin and sea salt into the bag.  Add the silver bell. 
  3. Cumin is used as it repels negativity and promotes tranquility, whereas sea salt is great for cleansing.  The bell repels evil spirits and also promotes a sense of calm and balance.   
  4. You may add anything to the bag that you feel will promote inner peace, such as an amulet, charm or crystal.  Tie the bag securely. 
  5. Blow out the candle which, once cold, you could also add to the bag.   
  6. Place the bag where you feel it will assist you in finding peace.  It could even by placed around a bath tap so that water runs through it thereby charging your bag. 
  7. If you wish you may say any prayer or words that are meaningful to you. 
  8. The bag can be recharged by placing it in the light of a full moon so that it continues to hold its protective and calming spell. 

 In the days or weeks after the spell make sure to follow up in your book of shadows or Grimoire. This will allow you to notice the effects your spell has had and if it has been successful. 

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