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A Witches guide to celebrating Beltane

Beltane, or what is often referred to as the fire festival is an observance of the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Beltane celebrates the abundance in nature and fertility. This midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice is rooted in Celtic traditions. 

How to celebrate this Beltane

Each person celebrates Beltane in their own wonderful way.

This Beltane you may want to:

Have a picnic in nature with Family and friends
Being outside is one of the simplest ways to mark Beltane as it's important to give thanks to the fertility of the earth this time of year. See the recipe below for the most delicious Beltane picnic treat - which can be made vegan! Remember to check your local restrictions before travelling and meeting with others.

Light a Beltane fire
Beltane which translates roughly as 'Bright fire' is traditionally celebrated by lighting fires to celebrate the growing power of the sun and rebirth. You do not need to light large bonfires to celebrate Beltane, just lighting a candle would be enough as long as it is done with the intention of Beltane. 

Create flower crowns and baskets
One of the most common flowers blooming this time of year are dandelions. Dandelions are perfect for the creation of flower crowns due to their long bendable stalks. You can use the dandelion leaf for healing, purification, and ritual cleansing to bring positive change.

Beltane cookies

There are so many foods that have special significance at Beltane, one of which is honey. The consumption of honey is traditional during Beltane due to its amber colour relating to the sun and fire.

100g Salted Butter (or non-dairy alternative)
1tbsp Honey (other sweet syrups can be used)
100g Rolled Oats
100g Caster Sugar
100g Desiccated Coconut
½ Tsp Baking powder
100g Plain Flour
Milk (or non-dairy alternative)

1. Preheat oven to 170 Degrees Fan / 180 Conventional.
2. Cream together honey and butter in a bowl.
3. Add all dry ingredients into the honey and butter mixture. Once combined add a small splash of milk into the mixture until it comes together and can be moulded.
4. Mixture should then be able to be separated and moulded into 10-11 balls.
5. Place cookies on the baking sheet.
6. Now here is the really fun part of the recipe where you can customise the cookies however you want. We love adding a cherry to the top of each ball but you could also try other dried fruits. 
7. Once golden brown (10-12 minutes) the cookies are done and can be eaten at your Beltane celebration. Enjoy!

Wishing you all a blessed Beltane and a magickal summer. 

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