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Apple Magick : How to use the peel, flesh, seeds and core for Witchcraft

Apples are one of the most common fruits we all have in our homes, they are affordable and easy to get hold off making them an ideal magickal ingredient. They are also great for those of you who aspire to zero-waste witchcraft as every part of the apple from the skin to the core can be used in your magick and this blog is going to show you how. 

Apple Peel

First, we have the apple peel. Apple peel can be added to drinks and teas to sweeten them, just add into a tea pot of mug with your tea blend. Leave to steep for 3-5 minutes and drink in your tea rituals or before spell work.  

One drink that witches will be familiar with is Wassail. The ancient practice of wassailing usually refers to a march or dance around apple orchards whilst singing to the trees to promote a good harvest. Wassail is traditionally drunk on the Twelfth Night, which for pagans is the 31st of December during Yule parties.  

Wassail Recipe 


Apple Cider or Apple Juice  

Whisky or brandy (omit for non-alcoholic version) 

Whole orange  

12 Cloves  

Cinnamon sticks  

Pinch and Ginger  

Pinch of Ground Nutmeg 

Peel of 1 apple 


  1. Peel the orange and stud all around with the cloves. This recipe uses 12, one for each day of Yule. 
  2. Add all the ingredients, except for the spirits into a large saucepan and slowly simmer. 
  3. Stir occasionally until the liquid is hot. Wash and peel the apple and add in the peel.  
  4. Add a shot of your chosen spirit to a mug or glass, then pour the liquid. Add in extra peel, a cinnamon stick, and clove to your glass to finish.  
  5. Enjoy at your winter gatherings. 


          Apple flesh

          The flesh of this magickal fruit is not only a delicious to eat and enriches your body but is strongly associated with abundance, luck, love, longevity, creativity, and fertility in witchcraft. Whole apples will often be left as an offering to the love deities such as Freya, Venus, and Aphrodite or used to decorate Mabon altars.  

          Carve Sigils into the apple

          A sigil is a magickal sign or symbol that is created to represent a particular intention or goal and have been used by Witches and occultists for many centuries. Sigils are based heavily in your intentions when drawing them and are a great way to put these intentions into a physical form. Carving your sigil into an object like an apple is a powerful and affordable way to make magick. 

          Create Your Own Sigil In 3 Simple Steps : The Wheel Method

          Prosperity Sigil Magick 



          Athame or carving tool 

          A prosperity Sigil  

          Method :

          1. To conduct a simple spell, to bring you prosperity firstly create your sigil with the method above. 
          2. Then carve this sigil into your apple, make sure you keep your intentions clear in your mind when doing this or say them out loud. Many witches have a specific tool called an Athame to do this. An Athame is a type of ritual knife which often has a black handle with symbols carved into it. However, you can use whatever you have available to you such as your keys.  
          3. Charge your apple sigil by holding it tightly in your hands and focusing on your specific intentions. Then send your energy into the apple with your projective hand.  
          4. This apple can then be eaten or buried to activate. 


            Apple Seeds

            Although the sweet flesh of apples is often associated with love and lust, the bitter seeds can be great additions to protection spells, charms, and amulets.  

            Protection witch bottle 

            Witch bottles have been used for centuries to protect homes and those living in them, traditionally buried under hearth stones or chimney breasts.  


            Apple seeds 

            Dried lavender  

            Glass bottle with lid 

            Sea Salt 

            Red candle  

            Ribbon (optional) 


            1. Cleanse the glass bottle by holding it in the smoke from burning incense, burying overnight in earth or immersing in a flowing stream.  
            2. Fill the bottle with the salt and lavender, apple seeds, and then add a few strands of your hair and some nail clippings.  This makes the spell personal to you.  
            3. As you fill the bottle concentrate on how you will be protected and envision an energy field of white light around you and your home.  
            4. Put the lid on the top of the bottle. Light the red candle and allow the molten wax to drip onto the bottle thus sealing it.  
            5. Take your bottle at night, preferably on a full moon, or during a waning moon and bury it as close to your home as possible.  If you live in a flat you may wish to bury it in a potted plant close to your front door either outside, or just inside, your home.  Ideally you should bury it where it cannot be easily found.    
            6. As you bury it, recite the following:   Lavendar, hair, nail and salt  Bring any attack on me to nought  Guard against any harm to me  As I will it, so mote it be  
            7. The spell should stay in place if the bottle is buried and unopened. To make into a protection necklace you can tie ribbon around the neck and wear to protect yourself.  

            Apple Core

            Finally, after removing the flesh and the seeds you are left with the apple core. Don’t be fooled by the often small and slightly ugly look of an apple core they are packed full of power.  

            As mentioned previously apples are often associated with love and lust. Therefore, you can use them to anoint a candle ready to use for love magick.  

            Love magick spell candle  


            Apple core 

            White candle  

            Rose petals  

            Carrier oil or rose oil 


            1. Take your apple core and grate it. If you do not have a greater just cut the apple into thin slices. Place the apple onto a tea towel or paper towel removing as much moisture as possible.  
            2. Turn your oven to a low heat and place the apple on a baking tray. Let the apple completely dry out, but watch them like a hawk to avoid burning.  
            3. Once they are dry take them out of the oven and let cool. If your apples are in slices break them up as much as possible with your hands or even grind in a pestle and mortar.  
            4. Take your white candle and cover it in your oil then dip the candle in your rose petals and dried apple core.  
            5. Make sure to focus your intentions as you do so. This candle can then be used as part of a love spell. 


                    Potpourri can be used as an alternative to incense if you are not able to burn it or do not like the smell.  

                    Apple core potpourri 


                    Apple core 


                    Cinnamon sticks  

                    Dried flowers 


                    1. Slice your apple core into thin slices and your orange into slices of the same thickness. Place them both onto a tea towel or paper towel and pat dry.  
                    2. Turn your oven to a low heat and place your fruit slices onto an oven rack or baking tray. Leave them in the oven until they are complete dry, checking every 10 -20 minutes to avoid burning.  
                    3. Once they are dry take them out of the oven and leave to cool completely. 
                    4. Place the fruit slices in a bowl with cinnamon sticks or any other spices or dried flowers you like.  


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                          • I appreciate and value the blogs and factuals y’all create. Thank you for sharing your divine wisdom and knowledge ❣️

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                          • Amazing. My daughter has been on an apple binge lately, got some many leftover cores and seeds :)

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