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Beginners Guide on How to Use a Crystal Ball

If you purchased our June Divination box you would`ve received the cutest little crystal ball. And we`re just obsessed with it! Some of you may have received this but be keen to know how to utilize its power efficiently.

The practice of crystal ball gazing is very simple, but the perfection of the practice is not so easy. It requires control over the noise of the conscious mind, patience of the self and the loss of all expectation. When you feel ready to begin then follow this simple exercise.

Place yourself in a dimly lit room, not too dark, though some light must shine through the crystal ball. Try using a candle to create a soft glow. Light incense or alternatively, cleanse your space with your preferred cleansing device.

Now hold the crystal ball with both palms and gaze with intention. What do you wish to see? Notice how after a few moments your vision begins to change, and you may feel a stronger connection forming with your crystal ball. Once you feel the connection place the ball on a stand or dark cloth.

Now stare into the crystal ball, trying not to blink. Don`t look away, as keeping your gaze on the ball is essential. It may take a while to focus your attention so be patient. Allow your mind to become clear and ready to receive magickal sight.

You may begin to see pictures or pieces of text, remember what you see as this is important. Often there is no order to the images so it's up to you to decipher what you see. Once you begin to feel tired and effectively drained, what you see in your crystal ball will begin to fade, so it's important that you stop and begin to write down your visions.

It may take a while for you to figure out what the crystal ball was telling you, you may need to sleep and dream about your visions or read up on what you saw. By no means is this practice simple, it takes time and involves perfecting gazing. Soon you`ll have it mastered, and your little crystal ball is the perfect place to begin your gazing journey.

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