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Colour Correspondences Part 2

Here we will give a list of colours and the magickal properties of what they commonly represent. Refer to this when carrying out meditation and rituals and spellwork. This is just a general guide with some suggestions that we find helpful in our own colour magick practice.



Use for passion, strength, vitality and sexuality. Red is a strong and powerful colour, representing the element of fire, which summons and honours the strength of fire in your practices.



Use for focus, courage, intellect and creativity. encourages your ambition and helps you broaden your horizons.



Use for joy, hope, confidence, happiness, mindfulness and creativity. Yellow is associated with the element of air which can represent the dawn, Spring and sunsets.



Use for fertility, wealth, abundance, prosperity and growth. Green represents the earth element, earth being practical and grounded.



Use for healing, sleep, peace, truth and tranquillity. Blue of course is associated with the element of water. This element represents emotion, compassion and the flow of life.



Use for spirituality, power, knowledge, third eye and sadness. Purple is said to boost your spiritual enlightenment and can help you connect to your higher self.



Use for romance, self-love, femininity, friendship and maturity. Pink is like red just softer in a sense, using pink welcomes love of all kinds into your life.



Use for cleansing, balance, divinity, unity and purity. White is an all-purpose colour when set with intention, it is well known for its pure and innocent properties, white clears the mind and sets a blank slate.



Use for grounding, banishing, protection, black magick and scrying. Black candles have a long history of being known as the witch's candle, you can use a black candle for essentially any representation, but bear in mind its powerful properties.


You can use colour magick in any way that suits you, changing the colours of your space is well known for improving mental health and overall mindset. The colour magick principle can apply to your everyday life, so try out different colours and monitor their effects. Thank you for reading and we hope your day is filled with colour!

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