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Working Magick with Colour

Colour has long been used in magick and learning the power of colour magick will help improve any spell-work and magickal rituals that you are doing. Color Magick is the art of knowing each colour's unique properties and using them to assist you in your craft. Colour associations have been predominant in our lives ever since we could open our eyes.


We all have our own different associations with colour due to our past and what we have experienced as humans. Blue may represent your childhood bedroom and how it was calm and safe. Purple may represent your favourite dress which makes you feel confident and beautiful, so even though there are often recommendations on which colours to use you should go with what feels right to you. We use colour every day, often without even noticing the ritual, and that is what makes it so special.


Working with colour correspondences in your craft is really very simple. The commonly used item is a spell candle, which work a treat! But there are many different little changes you can make to enhance the intention of your practices. Here are some examples:



Displaying flowers is a simple, natural and beautiful way to represent colour. Flowers do grow seasonally so you can also use dried flower petals to scatter around your altar, sprinkle into magick circles and use as an ingredient in spell bottles. For example, a vase full of daffodils will bring the colour yellow to your space and with it feelings of brightness, creativity, mindfulness and communication.

 Blue spell candle


Coloured spell candles, are the most common tool in colour magick. This is because they are easy to source, affordable and work very well. Candle magick is driven by the element of fire, which represents transformation. The act of burning is believed to connect the physical world to the spiritual realm so burning your coloured candles can enhance the spell you are working if you choose the colour carefully and with thought. Spell bottles can also be sealed with coloured wax, dripped from a burning candle, to set the intention of your spell.



As a witch recording your work is always handy, whether you are spell writing, manifesting, shadow working or journaling. Ink comes in many colours and writing in colour can assist spell working, when a spell requires a written component.


Green spell bag


Many witches maintain an altar and some change the colour of their altar cloth with each Sabbat – orange, for example, is a popular choice for Halloween whilst green or yellow is popular at Beltane. If you are working a spell, you could lay out a cloth of a corresponding colour to use as your ritual space.



Wearing a particular colour can also assist in spell working as well as changing, or controlling, a mood. The reason many witches choose to use black is that it encompasses all the colours of the spectrum, but if you wanted to work a peace spell, for example, you may choose to wear blue.


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