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Celtic Elder Tree Moon

As we head into the last tree moon of the year, the Elder moon, this is what it means and what it can do for you...
Starting on the 24th November and going all the way through to December 23rd this is the last of the Celtic tree moons in the 13 month calendar.  It is therefore the moon of Yule, which starts on 22nd December this year and is sometimes referred to as 'the moon before Yule'.  The full moon is also known as the 'cold moon' referring to the winter weather that we usually feel.
This tree moon is a time of all endings and a time for new beginnings, personal reflection and transformation.  Reflect on your magickal journey, clear negative energy and make way for the blessings to come in the new year ahead.  Reflect on how you are living your life and leaving a legacy for your children, community or others. This will inevitably involve some self-reflection and may involve a measure of forgiveness and humility.
Elder can be damaged quite easily, but it is very quick to spring and grow back to life. For this reason it has long been seen as the tree of regeneration. This connects with the opening of a new year and centres around the idea that Elder is a symbol of regeneration and the power of life.  
Elder is also recognised as the tree of death but in the sense of recognising the reality of our lives and making them purposeful and meaningful.  It is often found planted in graveyards or near churches as a protection against evil spirits.  Remember, it is only through death of the old that rebirth can begin.
During the elder tree moon it is a good time to practice magickal workings related to releasing negativity, encouraging creativity and starting afresh. Elder is also said to protect against negative entities and when planted close to a home can provide protection against unwanted intruders.  It can be used in spell work and charms to mend rifts, prevent arguments and encourage healing as well as protection.


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