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6 ways to communicate with your ancestors on Halloween

Halloween is a time of celebration when the veil that separates us from where our deceased ancestors reside is at it's thinnest. It is based on the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-en). Many major religions have their own version, such as the Day of the Dead celebrated predominantly in Mexico. 


As the veil between our worlds thins it is an excellent time to forge connections and communicate with our ancestors, who may choose to guide, heal or pass knowledge on to us. An ancestor is not only someone related to us by blood, it can also relate to those who have cared for us. Some refer to their ancestors as their 'spirit guides.

We will all have a wealth of ancestors, some of whom we hold memories of and many of whom we do not. Think how many generations have come before you, there will undoubtedly be thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of ancestors to potentially connect with.

Methods to communicate with your ancestors

  1. If you are to invite your ancestors to help you, then it is a good idea to treat them as you would any other guest to your home. Lay an extra place at the table and place some food on a plate for them or fill a glass with wine or mead. The ritual of the Dumb Supper and other traditions stem from this idea.
  2. Light a candle and meditate on the ancestors you would like to call upon or place the candle on your altar. Start a conversation and wait to see if you can hear, or sense, a response.
  3. Decorate your altar, or space in your home, with photos of your ancestors to being their presence to mind and to show them your are honouring their memory. 
  4. Light incense, burn oil or choose your favourite flowers that remind you of someone passed and invite them to visit.
  5. Try spirit writing, where you ask a clear question and invite your ancestors to provide answers. Clear your mind and, holding a pen to a piece of paper, allow your hand to be guided. Do not think about what you are writing, you can read it later when any meaning can be deciphered.
  6. Chant a ritual verse, such as:

I call upon those who loved me to come to me,

Give me your help from eternity

Remember when you have finished communicating with your ancestors to thank them, just as you would a physical visitor to your home. Always be respectful, patient and kind. However, if you invite all of your ancestors to visit there is no guarantee they will also act in this accommodating manner. Should you feel uncomfortable at any time, then thank them for coming but request that they leave and blow out

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