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How to create a Litha Altar

Happy Litha! 


The sun has arrived to it`s highest point so it so can we celebrate the growing of crops, and take heart in knowing that the seeds we planted in the spring are now in full bloom. It`s a period to appreciate the sun and its divine power.

When preparing your Litha altar aim to set it up outside. If not this is not possible then just ensure you are close to a large window, which is sun facing. 

There are some essential steps in making sure your altar is utilising your power. First, solar symbols, think about items that are associated with the sun. What are you growing in your garden? Maybe, grab a basket of your favourite fruit or vegetables. Are you creative? Fetch your paints and create something beautiful to represent the sun`s power and your divine energy.

Now you will need the colours of the season present on your Altar. This Sabbat is all about sun celebration, think of solar colours... The colours of the season. Yellows, oranges, flaming reds and bright golds are all suitable. Items displayed in these colours represent the solar aspect of the Sabbat. Don`t forget light! You must light up your Altar, twinkly lights, oil burners and lit candles. All of which will heighten the intention of your Solstice rituals.

Symbols of Litha which you may want to include on your Altar are:

- Oak leaves and Acorns.

- Fresh seasonal flowers, from your garden or local market.

-Citronella, citronella brings protection, cleanses and clears negative energies. It can also strengthen ones life force.

-Carneliean, Sunstone, Citrine, Orange Calcite and Clear Quartz are all  linked to the Sacral and Root Chakra (orange and red). Which is associated with creativity and inventive ideas. 

- Anything else that you associate with Summer.

It has been a long and cold winter, and Litha is finally here so lets get busy. 

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