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How to honour Ostara on your Altar

Ostara is a Pagan festival being one of the eight sabbats. Ostara celebrates the Spring equinox and the return of the sun. The word Ostara is said to come from the Anglo-Saxon goddess name, Eostre. Eostre represented fertility and new beginnings. Ostara falls on March 20th 2022 this year in the northern hemisphere.

Ostara is a great time to start taking action on your ideas and goals. Manifest your dreams, spring clean and take time to write down your desires. You must always ensure that your magickal space is channelling your strongest energies. Working with the seasons and natures changes is always important, and the eight sabbats remind us to celebrate and cherish it.

Begin setting up your altar by adding light.

Ostara welcomes the return of sunlight, regenerating the suns power into your craft heightens intention. Light candles around your altar during practices, we recommend using white, yellow and green candles for this sabbat. This will symbolise sunlight on your altar. 

Seasonal Flowers.

Collect a few of seasonal wildflowers to display on your altar. In the UK daffodils are abundant and scattered everywhere. Flowers on your altar lift your spirits and brighten up your area which helps clear your mind. Flowers are a symbol of beauty and growth which is a perfect statement on your Ostara altar. 

The Hare. 

The Hare is a sacred symbol of Ostara. The Hare has long held a place in pagan mythology, being seen as a symbol of rebirth, new growth and beginnings. Ancient stories tell of Eostre turning her bird messenger into a hare as it wasn`t suited to the climate. Once turned, it then became the hares job to summon spring.

Associated colours with Ostara.

Working with colour magick during sabbats always heightens practice. Colours operate on our subconscious and we can use that manifest our dreams. Colour affects moods and feelings more than you might believe. Try using these colours.

-Pastel Pink

-Pale Yellow

-Light Green


Crystals to place on your altar during Ostara.

Crystals can be placed on your altar, as they can harness your spiritual and magickal power. Most crystals do charge your energy field positively during your practices and rituals. Here is our choice of crystals which enhance mind, body and spirit during the spring equinox:

 Citrine- Channels the power of the sun

Amethyst- Magickal sight

Rose Quartz- Self-Love and Harmony

Jade- Prosperity

Aventurine- Creativity and Happiness

Before using charge your crystals under sunlight during Ostara. 

However you wish to celebrate Ostara, we hope that it brings blessing to you and your family. 

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  • Thank you for sharing your divine wisdom and understanding of Ostara along with it’s associations. If we are a little behind the Sabbats; are the spells & rituals still effective if carried out? I hope you had a wonderful day today 💕🇨🇦

    Nadine Staranowicz

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