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How to make Red witch`s Salt

Red Salt

Red Witch salt is used for love, lust, and friendship. The spices and rose petal elements help make this salt just as powerful as Black Salt. Salt holds great properties, and crafting it makes it all the more magickal.

Salt can be a witch`s best friend when performing magick and rituals. Salt has a high ability to absorb energy and hold onto it. Salt has been used to cleanse, purify, provide protection, and clear negative energy. Salt is a pure substance made on the earth or from the sea. Therefore, it carries the very essence of the earth and water elements.

To create Red Salt you will need

Chilli Powder

Red Rose petals, or a red petal flower.

Himalayan Salt or Sea salt

Lavender, Lemon or Rose oil

Pestle and Mortar or alternative grinding method

We recommend making your salt on the waning moon as it symbolises letting go, you will be channelling your energy into your Red salt. This is a really simple and effective recipe with a really rewarding outcome.

Add a tablespoon of the chilli powder, and a tablespoon of the rose petals into your bowl. When adding your salt always ensure it is double the amount of your other ingredients. In this case, add two generous tablespoons of your salt of choice to the bowl. Begin by gently mixing ingredients together ensuring to coat the salt in the chilli powder, once completed grab your pestle and begin grinding up your ingredients, remember to keep your intent in mind whilst carrying out the mixing, channel your own energy into the product. Your salt should begin to look like red dust. Finally, add a drop or two of your essential oil.

Once created add to a sealable jar, ensure to cleanse the jar before use. 

How to use Red Salt in your Craft.

When writing love letters or letters of good fortune, sprinkle your salt on the sealed letter and draw a heart into the salt. Close your eyes and concentrate on the recipient and how you wish the salt to work for you. Once complete pour salt back into the jar, as salt recharges itself.

Cleanse your crystals with your Red Salt to heighten their love, passion and protection properties. Be sure to research the crystal beforehand as some minerals don`t survive in salt.

Dampen the outside of spell candles and roll in your red salt to heighten magickal intent when crafting or light during a ritual bath or self-care session, this will promote self-love and happiness.

Red salt can be used in all kinds of rituals and crafts, it is a great all-rounder ingredient for the practising witch. Just be assured of the heightened passion and emotion when using! If you create our Red Salt be sure to share your work with us on our social media @witchboxuk!

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  • Hi THANK YOU this is SO GOOD do you also have anything showing how to make other salts?
    So I built an outdoor Alter do you have any tips for this?
    Thank you for sharing this ❣️


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