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How to make Samhain Pumpkin candles

It's that time of year - light your candles and lay out the table as the veil thins once more this Samhain. A time for remembering and honouring those that we have lost, as well as bidding farewell to another Autumn as we make preparations for the coming Winter months.

Could you think of a better way to greet the cold than a good old-fashioned crafts project around a cosy hearth? We can't either - so we've prepared a few magical (witch)craft ideas for you to really make the most out of this holiday season! This will be released in multiple parts - starting with some wonderfully spiritual pumpkin candles to light up the house with.

It's hard to imagine October without pumpkins - they're everywhere: our windows, the roadside and even our Autumnal lattes. These luminous little pumpkins are both a great way to honour the fading Fall and ready us with the warmth of fire as we move into another cold Winter (they look and smell great too). They certainly get you in the mood and add a bit of magic to the season. So it's only fitting to create some enchanting scented pumpkin candles for the proper atmosphere!

Samhain Pumpkin Candles

What you'll need:

Pumpkins (make sure to use small pumpkins or a squash)
A sharp knife or pumpkin carving tools
A microwavable jug or pouring pot
Scented oils of your choice (we recommend fall/Autumnal scents like cinnamon, apple and pumpkin spice!)
Soy wax flakes (500kg should make around 6 small candles)
Pre-waxed wire wicks with clips


  1.  Start by cutting out a "lid" and emptying out the pumpkin as though you would a jack o'lantern.
  2. Either melt your soy wax flakes in the pouring pot (remember to stir occasionally to keep things smooth!) or place them in a jug and then into the microwave for about 5 minutes, you should have a clear liquid. Make sure you allow at least 45 minutes for the wax to cool down.
  3. Place your wick and clip in the centre of the pumpkin and make sure it is stable, as you don't want it falling over in the next step.
  4. Once the wax has cooled, pour it into the pumpkin. Be careful not to move the wick! Then leave the wax to set overnight.
  5.  Finally, simply cut the wick to the length you desire, light it up and enjoy the ambience!
Make sure to do enough of these to place around the house and decorate your altars with, as these will really help put you in touch with nature and the spirit of Samhain. Don't forget to watch this space for more seasonal Witch Craft ideas coming soon - including more mystical ways to adorn and enhance your altar and living spaces.
Have fun and many Samhain blessings to all.

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