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How to Make your own Moon Water

Moon Water 

Moon water is often used in spells and can be used for different things such as energizing crystals. To do this you simply put the crystals into your moon water and they become energised from the energies stored in the water. You can also use your moon water to cleanse your aura. In this case, just put it into a spray bottle and spray around you and your aura every morning. 

 How to make your moon water 

  1. You will need a container, most people prefer to use a glass jar with a lid to stop anything getting into their moon water especially if it is being left outside. 
  2. Fill your container with water, preferably rain water. 
  3. Place your container under the full moon light for the whole night. This can be either outside, on an altar or even on your windowsill. 
  4. Now is the time for you to bless your water, pray to your higher power and guides and the moon asking for assistance. Whatever feels right to you in the moment of blessing your water is the best way to summon lunar energy to infuse your moon water. 
  5. The next day collect your moon water and it is ready to use. You can either collect your moon water after the moon sets and before the sun rises or after the sun has risen it is personal preference.
  6. Your moon water is now ready to use and enjoy 


  • Thank you I love the moon and the stars
    Thank you for sharing!
    & Everyday is a school Day
    Thank you
    Blessed Be

  • Make moon water often and then make handmade Soap xx


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