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How to Use a Pendulum - Part 1 (A simple guide)

Cleansing and Connecting

First, you will need to cleanse and connect to your pendulum before you use it, this is so your pendulum only has your energy to work with. Your pendulum is made of natural stone, crystals, or gemstones and over time it will pick up and store energy both positive and negative, which is why its so important to cleanse your pendulum and do it on a regular basis as this can interfere with its effectiveness. 

There are several ways of cleansing your pendulum, and its up to you what you decide to do. Here are just a few of our favourites:

  • Sunlight – Leave your pendulum outside in direct sunlight for a whole day and when the sun sets bring it back inside, if it still isn’t feeling right to you, you can leave it outside the next day. Beware though that some stones can be affected by the sun light and can lose their colour.
  • Moonlight – Unlike sunlight, moonlight is safe for all stones, you should put your pendulum in the windowsill in the moonlight for the night.
  • Smudging – Light a smudge stick or your favourite incense, or a cleansing incense such as white sage and allow your pendulum to move through the smoke as the incense burns. Make sure you do this at least four times.
  • Burying – You can also bury your pendulum in the ground overnight and then retrieve it again in the morning. Wash it carefully in spring water.

Now you have successfully cleansed your pendulum. Now you will need to connect to it. This is sometimes called ‘charging’. Sit with your pendulum in a comfortable place and relax and clear your mind as much as you can. Lighting a candle or listening to music and lighting your incense can really help with this. Holding the pendulum in your hand, hold it to your heart for a few minutes at a time.

Now your ready to use your pendulum. Please read part two of this blog to start finding out your future.


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