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How to use a Pendulum- Part 2 (A simple guide)

How to use a pendulum  

Part 2 

Using and reading your pendulum  

To start with you need to determine how your pendulum identifies ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. The pendulum’s way of giving you these answers will be completely unique to you. For some people, the pendulum will swing back and forth, for others it will swing clockwise or anti-clockwise and for some it will swing side to side.  

To do this, you can either sit down or stand up, which ever is more comfortable for you making sure both of your feet are flat on the ground. Hold the pendulum 6-8 inches above the palm of the hand. You may wish to pinch the top of the pendulum between your finger and thumb, or you can slip the top of the chain between your fingers, through the flat of your hand.  

You should begin to ask the pendulum easy questions that have a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ answer which are obvious to you. For example ‘is my name………?’ or ‘is my birthday……….’  You should experiment with questions that result in either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ so you can start to determine the different responses your body makes to the pendulum and the way the pendulum acts. Once you have established what action your pendulum takes to give answers, you can begin asking it questions about things that may or may not happen in your future. Remember to keep the questions to either yes or no answers as it can start to become difficult to read.  

Alongside your pendulum you could use a pendulum board, this will help you to determine what your pendulum is saying. This will take a bit of patience and plenty of practice. You can hold your pendulum up above your pendulum board and see how it answers your questions, then match up the way your pendulum swings with the yes no and unknown. Eventually it can be possible with a lot of skill to use your board a bit like a Ouija board and the pendulum will spell out answers for you.  

We hope from this blog you have learnt all about your pendulum and how to use it.  

Enjoy finding out about your future! 

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