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How to use Goddess Oracle cards in your craft

What are Oracle cards?

Oracle cards can be used to give insights and readings, in a similar way to tarot. However, oracle cards follow fewer rules and are much less complex than Tarot and are therefore much easier to read.

Whereas a tarot deck contains 78 cards an oracle deck can contain much fewer.  Like tarot, oracle cards can also be used for meditation, magick or reflection as well as for divination.

goddess bridged on a black oracle card with gold foil detail with crystals and crytsal ball

Using Oracle cards on your altar

You may wish to put one of our oracle cards on your altar to honour a certain goddess, for example, with Freya you can create an altar space that includes candles, offering bowls and runes. Placing pictures of the moon, cats, birds and rabbits, and small dishes of offerings such as honey, perfume, ale or flowers is another way to show respect to your deity. 

If you wish to worship more than one deity on your altar, make sure they are closely aligned or if they are not, ask them first whether they wish to share an altar. If they do not wish to share an altar and you are low on space, make sure they are clearly separated. If two deities are sharing an altar it may be best to make separate offerings or give them their own offering of the same item, however, some deities will be happy to share.

We have created a whole Witchbox around the theme of Divine magick and working with Goddess if you would like further information and tools. 

Goddess Athena black oracle card on witches altar decorated with the triple moon

How to read Oracle cards

Make sure you cleanse the area for your readings first and clear your mind, so it is ready to be open when interpreting your readings. If you’re reading for someone else focus on them while shuffling the cards or ask that they shuffle the cards themselves.

To use your Goddess cards for readings, you can use them in a three-card spread to read into the past, present and future.  To do this, lay them face down on the table and read them in order from left to right, left being the past, the centre card the present and the right card the future.

Others like to shuffle the cards until a card either flies out or otherwise becomes prominent. This card can then be interpreted to see what meaning can be drawn from it. Another way to read oracle cards is to pull as many cards as your intuition tells you to or you can ask the universe a question and then pull a card to see what answer has been given to you.

Oracle cards in magick

A single oracle card can help maintain focus during spell work.  Select a card to symbolise the type of spell you are working and use it for visualisation and focus whilst working the spell.  A card can also be used to signify a particular person or event, for instance a card can be used to represent the intended recipient when working healing spells.

How to store Oracle cards

Whichever way you choose to use your oracle cards, they are sure to be an asset in your craft.  When not in use they are best stored in a black bag, pouch or cloth and away from electricity and light to prevent them from absorbing negative energies.  They can be cleansed in incense before each use by passing the pack through the smoke. Enjoy!

Check out our Goddess Oracle Deck and our original Oracle Deck designed and created by Witchbox. 

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