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What is Imbolc? 4 ways witches celebrate the sabbat

Imbolc is celebrated on the 1st to the 2nd of February. It is the Pagan festival that marks the sight of spring around the corner, celebrating light and fertility. Imbolc is the moment that we say goodbye to the harshest days of winter and welcome the light and warmth to come. 

Imbolc is a time of magickal energy related to the feminine aspect of the goddess, of new beginnings, and of fire. Witches can focus on divination and increasing their own magickal gifs and abilities. They may wish to take advantage of these concepts when planning their magickal workings. 

Here are ways witches honour the sabbat :

Altar decoration

Many witches like to decorate their altars in accordance with the sabbat, this can be a lovely way of welcoming each sabbat into the home. For Imbolc, altars can be decorated with white flowers, Brigid's cross and light coloured candles. 


Most witches know the importance of cleansing before practising their craft therefore during Imbolc they may take cleansing milk and honey baths along side their favourite crystals. 

Connect with nature

As Imbolc is the signifier of the longed for spring it can be a rewarding activity to walk in nature and search for the first signs of spring. Noting and acknowledging each sign you see. This is also the perfect time to start planning a garden and any choosing magickal herbs or plants to grow in the upcoming year. 

Making Brigid's crosses

A Brigid's cross can be make with woven rushes. This distinctive cross typically has a woven square in the centre and four points with the ends tied near the top of each point. This cross can be used in the home for protection. 

There are many other ways witches mark this sabbat including gathering with relatives for a meal and cake or celebrating alone with quiet reflection and mindfulness. Remember to have fun! Sabbats are all about celebrating with loved ones and cherishing the time of year. 

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