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Kitchen Cupboard Witchcraft

There can sometimes be the misconception in certain circles of Witchcraft that speciality herbs and ingredients are needed to be a witch. But this is not true, Witchcraft is affordable and accessible for all! Although more unique ingredients are needed for some spells most of the time magick can be performed with what is already in your home and garden. 

In this blog we are going to cover the magical uses of Lemons, Egg shells, Parsley, Thyme, Basil and Garlic.

Lemons :

Lemons with their beautiful bright skin and fresh flavour are often used throughout summer by witches. Use lemon oil, dried peel or juice in love, joy and happiness magick. 

Lemons have very strong purification properties. Take fresh or dried lemon peel and burn, as you would a smudge stick, to cleanse your magickal tools and work space. Remember to always open the windows when smudging to let the negativity out. Or take your lemon and cut in to quarters, then dip in salt and place around your home. This will absorb any negative energies (make sure to dispose of the lemon once the cleansing is complete) leaving you with a cleansed space. 

Egg shells :

Egg shells are an item we often have in our homes which so many people throw away without knowing their uses. Next time you use an egg make sure to wash and dry the shell thoroughly. If you have a mortal and pestle this can then be used to crush your shells into a fine powder. However if you do not they can be crushed into small pieces by hand or with a rolling pin. 

Eggs shells have strong protective qualities so can often be used in a similar way to salt. Sprinkle your crushed or ground egg shells around the entrance of your home or any spaces you want to form a protection barrier around. Egg shells can also be used in conjunction with other protective herbs such as Sage and Vervain to make protective spell jars that can then placed on your altar. 


Parsley, also know as 'devils oatmeal' or 'persil' is a strong source of anit-oxidants and vitamins. In England it was considered unlucky to transplant it and saying the name of the person picking it would encourage their death. 

It is often associated with spell work to connect with death, rebirth, love, fertility and strength. Either roll an oil covered candle in chopped parsley leaves and then burn to aid in divination, or chew on it with a partner to promote a loving relationship. 

Warning : Parsley should never be consumed by pregnant women as it can bring on contractions and even cause miscarriage. 



Thyme is strongly linked to courage and strength as women would often give it to knights to bring them success in battle. It is associated with spells for courage, strength, sleep and love. 

To bring you courage carry it with you, add to your bath or add a little to your wash when laundering clothes. Your can also fill a charm bag with thyme and place it under your pillow to ward of nightmares or burn before bed to cleanse the space. 


Basil has a mixed history as it is associated with love, luck, wealth and protection as well as, evil, the devil and opening the gates to the afterlife. Use basil in spells for wealth, protection, love and meditation. 

To attract money grow a pot of basil in your doorway or add dried basil and coins to a charm bag. To manage your relationships place a fresh basil leaf in the hand of a lover,  if it withers immediately it is said they are promiscuous or throw basil into running water to rid your self of a relationship. 


Garlic to, has a long history, it can be traced back to the ancient Greeks who used it as protection against the evil eye or gave it to soldiers for courage. 

Garlic bulbs can be hung above your door to protect your home from jealous people. It can also be used in spirit banishing boundary spells, crush it together with bay leaf, rosemary and sea salt. Then sprinkle this mix around doorways or windows in your home. 

All these ingredients have further more complex uses as well but this is just an introduction to some of the most used. 


  • I live in the countryside and wonder if putting food products on door steps and windows will attract rodents and/or other pests. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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  • A lovely mix of useful information and history. I love this sort of stuff. Thank you!


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