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Making Moon Water

What is Moon Water?

Moon water is often used in spells and for activities such as energizing crystals and cleansing your aura. 

Tips for making moon water

It is best to make your moon water on a full moon so it reaches it's full charge. The water you use to create your moon water should be collected from a natural spring or source. Maybe a brook or river, stream or sea and not from the tap as this is not pure and natural water. It is also important to use a glass jar or decanter to hold your moon water and not plastic as you don't want any plastic residue contaminating your pure and energized moon water!

How to make my moon water?

To make moon water you will need a container, preferably glass, maybe a jar. It is preferred to use glass as it can be reused. 

Then fill your container with your water, whether that is gathered from a stream, brook, river, pond e.c.t.

Once you have filled your container with water place it in direct moonlight, like mentioned before preferably on a full moon. Some people prefer to leave their water outside to gather as much moonlight as possible or some people prefer to leave it inside on a windowsill. 

We suggest that if you are going to leave your moon water outside then you should put a lid on the jar or a cloth over the top to stop any bugs and insects getting into the water!

It is also up to you when you decide to move your moon water. Some like to move their water before the sun comes up and some like to wait until the morning. It is personal preference just like whether you leave your water inside or outside. You should do whatever feels most natural and right for you.

How do I energize my crystals with moon water?

To energize your crystals with your newly created moon water you should submerge your crystals in the moon water and leave them for approx 15 minutes so they can absorb the energies in the moon water and whilst they are absorbing the energies they are becoming energized.

How do I cleanse my aura with moon water?

To cleanse your aura using your moon water you can add your fresh moon water into a spray bottle. Then all you have to do is spray your moon water around yourself and feel your newly cleansed aura. You can also take your moon water on the go with you in the spray bottle so you can cleanse your aura on the go, if and when you feel the need to do so!

Can I bathe in my moon water?

Of course! You can bathe in your fresh full moon water, to cleanse your mind, body and soul. When running your bath add a little bit of your moon water into your bathe water and feel the moon water cleanse you. You can also add any crystals (make sure they are safe to put in water) or petals or anything else that you feel will enhance your energy whilst in the bath.

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