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Quick Money Spells and Tips for Lazy Witches

First a word of warning : when conducting any form of money magick be careful not to wish for vast sums of money. The most common way to suddenly gain a large amount of money is through loss or bereavement, which is not usually the intended outcome of a spell. Instead, ask the universe to give you what you need. 

Money magick doesn't always need to be complicated spells and rituals, see below for some of our easiest money spells and rituals for the lazy witches out there. 

- To draw money to you, on the first night of a new moon place a purse filled with coins in the moonlight. Shake the purse a few times to let the coins jangle

- Grind together cloves, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg (using a mortar and pestle or simply with a spoon). Sprinkle this mix into your purse or wallet. 

Witchbox Tip : This mix can also be used to anoint a white spell candle turning it into an abundance candle. Make these in bulk and always have them to hand when needed.  

- Add a cinnamon stick, a clove and a piece of nutmeg to a glass of wine. Leave to stand for an hour in the light of the moon and then strain the wine and drink. 

- Add a little milk and honey to a ritual bath or to any shower gel. 

- To protect against poverty carry a tulip bulb in a mojo bag and carry it with you. 

- Plant vervain, or basil close to the entrance of your home to attract wealth to you doorstep. 

Witchbox Tip: Money spells are best worked on a Wednesday

- Draw a four leaf clover onto a banknote and carry it in your purse or wallet. 

- On the night of a full moon turn over all of your bank note to encourage them to double. 

Leave a comment and share if any of these hacks have worked for you. Leave your best money magick hacks below. 

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