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Setting your intentions with Palo Santo

The Palo Santo tree is sacred to many, it is sometimes even referred to as ‘Holy Wood’ or ‘The wood of the saints’. This sweet and fragrant wood has been used in magickal rituals since the era of the Incas. Palo Santo wood is thought to purify, attract positive energy, clear negative energy, and bring spiritual healing.


The beliefs about this aromatic tree may be due to its relationship with the moon. During a new moon the wood produces a small quantity of light oil but during a full moon the wood produces large amounts of strongly scented oil.  

When burnt Palo Santo produces an intense amount of heavily scented aromatic smoke with notes of citrus and mint so is used to smudge and cleanse. But it can also be used to set intentions, below we have written a guide to set intentions with Palo Santo.


Intention setting ritual with Palo Santo

  • Think about the intentions you would like to remove from your space. This may be fears, anxieties or blockages.
  • Light your Palo Santo stick on one end and hold pointing downward for a few seconds and let the stick burn for 10-30 seconds.
  • Once the flame is out the stick will produce a fragrant smoke, begin to waft the stick around your space. Remember to open all the windows to let the old intentions out. If you forget this step, you will just be chasing the negative energies around the space instead of removing it.
  • Make sure to get into all the corners of the space.
  • Once this is complete you can extinguish the stick.
  • To add specific intentions back into your space, take a new Palo Santo stick and write on it your intentions. Whilst writing focus on your intentions sending them into the wood.
  • Light the stick and let it burn in a heat proof dish while you concentrate on bringing these new positive intentions to the space.


    This ritual can be repeated as often as you feel the need for it. Many Witches will choose to perform rituals such as this on a Waxing Crescent Moon as this phase symbolises growth, intention, and hope.

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    • I really have only just found out about Palo Santo and I can’t wait to work with this fragrant gift from our cosmic mother.


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