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The Besom Broom



The Besom broom is considered to be one of the most ancient magickal tools that still reside in homes today. Brooms live in the homes of witches and non witches with many not realising the history they have. 

What does the term Besom mean? 

This term means a broom used for something other than sweeping.

What are they made of?

The Besom Broom is traditionally made of a plant called brush corn. This is a tall corn like plant with the seeds brushed out. A modern Besom is often made of an Ash or Hazel stave handle with bristles fashioned from birch twigs.

How are they used today? 

Besom Brooms are often used in celebrations for example Samhain or Halloween. They are also used as decoration in homes all around the world. They can be used to cleanse, purify and protect. You may physically sweep away negative energies and  follow folklore stating an upward pointing broom helps to protect your house. Use a Besom Broom to cleanse your ritual space before performing magick. The power of the Besom has the ability to not just cleanse the physical space but also the metaphysical space. It will rid the area of negative energy and astral build up. Place a Besom on your Altar to help aid you in your magickal spell casting.

If you are looking to purchase or craft a Besom, avoid doing this in the month of May , there is a traditional chant which goes "Buy a Besom in May and you will sweep all your friends away." It is also wise not to move your Besom with you, if you move consider leaving the Besom behind and bringing a new one into the new space. 

 Do you have a Besom Broom? Let us know!

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