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The Hazel Moon

On the 5th of August we will enter a new moon in the Celtic tree calendar. The Hazel moon.

The hazel moon, known as Coll, is also referred to as ‘9’ as it is the ninth moon in the Celtic tree calendar. This is the time of year that hazelnuts begin to grow on trees. Hazel nuts are associated with wisdom and protection. In Celtic lore hazel nuts are linked with magical springs containing the salmon of Knowledge.

The salmon of Knowledge was a magical fish found in the river Boyne. It was said that whoever ate the flesh of the salmon would be wiser than all other men. It is said that the salmon gained its knowledge when 9 hazelnuts dropped of the tree into the river Boyne and the salmon ate the nuts gaining infinite wisdom.

This month is a good time to focus on gaining wisdom and knowledge. 

The hazel nut is also seen as a sign of fertility and good fortune.

Hazel trees can be easily found all over Europe and in parts of North Africa and Western Asia. In the UK hazelnuts can often be found underneath lowland oak, birch and or ash woodlands.

In the spring time hazel is so bendy that it can be tied in a knot without breaking! It can also be used as a wand for water divining. It is also said that a hazel rod is supposed to protect against evil spirits.


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