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Top 5 tips for witches traveling alone this summer

Now that we have passed the solstice and are in the middle of the summer you will most likely be thinking about planning your holiday (vacation). Whether its a new adventure abroad or for some restful time at home it is important we all take time to reconnect and restore over the coming months.

If you are away from your home, altar, and witches’ tools it can be hard to practise in the way you normally do but there is limited room in your suitcase so you need to be prepared! Travel, especially when alone, can be a stressful time for many. In this blog we are going to cover our 5 best tips for any witches travelling alone this summer.

  1. Create a mini travel altar

Altars do not have to be stationary spaces they will work just as well when made pocket size. This altar will be a totally simplified version of your usual magickal space, but if you are able to, bring one item from your larger altar to help keep that connection – this may be a symbolic item of a particular time or a picture of those you love.

Watch the full tutorial here 

You will need: 

Small Vessel

The vessel for your altar could be a mini wooden chest, an old mint tin or even a small drawstring bag. You can make them as elaborate or as simple as you like as long as they keep all your items together.

Wooden chest 

A white candle

If you live by one motto let it be be this, ‘A witch should never be without a white candle’. White candles are the best choice if you can only bring one colour as can be used as a replacement for any other colour.

White Spell candles


Salt is important to have to hand as you can use it to cast a circle, and it’s an essential ingredient in any protection, prosperity and cleansing magick. We like to grab a few extra salt packets when out and about, so they are already packaged ready to go. Alternatively, you can package the salt in a tightly sealed bag or bottle before you leave.

Herb Blends

The herb blend you choose to bring will be personal to you as it will coincide with the style of magick you often conduct. Herbs such as sage, rosemary, rose petals and parsley are all great choices as they can be used in a wide range if spells and are inexpensive. However, we would also recommend bringing slightly more uncommon herbs that you use, as these may be harder to find when in new places. Our chosen herbs are a mix of rose petals and parsley to signify the earth element and valerian root to help with sleep.


If you can only bring one crystal, then make it Malachite. Malachite has a long history and has become known as the stone for travellers. It can help reduce fears and anxieties, embrace change, and has strong protective qualities.  

Pentagram charm

The final items in your travel altar should be a pentagram charm. The pentagram is not only a powerful protective charm but represents the 5 elements, giving you a symbol of all the elements in one.

Pentagram charm

  1. Create a safe travel spell

If you are not confident about doing magick alone and on the go, one useful tip is to conduct a travel spell before you leave. We recommend doing this in the form of a spell bag or bottle so you can carry it will you throughout your journey.

Add the below items into your cleansed vessel:

  • Dried parsley
  • Dried seaweed
  • Dried garlic powder

And chant the following:

When travelling over land and sea

Ill keep this charm close to me

From incident I will be free

 As I will it may it be

Make sure the bag or bottle is well sealed and then place it on your person or in your car.

Video tutorial 

  1. Create a travel Book of Shadows

Books and literature are one of the heaviest items that you do not want to be carrying around for the whole holiday. Therefore a few days before you are set to leave take a pocket size notebook and copy over the most essential information.

The information you choose will be personal to you. But we would recommend you make sure to include spells or chants for, the weather, transportation, sleep, clarity, and relaxation. You may want to keep few pages blank at the back to note down any magickal experiences you have while away and the results of any magick you decide to work. These blank pages can also be used for drawing sigils as they will have to be destroyed in some way to be activated.


  1. Download a moon phase app

Holidays can often be a busy time so you can easily loose track of the cycles of the moon, especially in you have travelled to a new time zone. Having an app on your phone that takes 2 minutes to check – or you can even set them up to notify you when the moon reaches a certain phase. We like to use My Moon Phase - Lunar Calendar or Moon phases and Lunar Calendar - Full Moon Phase. 

You may also want to download an app that tells you about other planetary movements so you can keep an eye of any retrogrades that may occur. This will allow you to prepare for anything that could impact your trip. For this we recommend TimePassages - your pocket astrology toolkit or Time Nomad Astrology Charts


5 . Choose a calming mantra

Travelling alone can often be overwhelming, especially if its your first time. With no companion to help calm you it can be useful to have chants to rely on. Decide on 1 or 2 chants before you leave or use the ones we have provided:

I have control over how I feel, and I choose to feel at peace

I am strong and ready for the task I have to face.

Calm washes over me

When feeling anxious find the quietest place you can or put in you headphones (you may want to create a relaxing playlist prior to your trip) and repeat your mantra out loud or in your head. Whist doing this breathe in for a count 4 and out for a count of 4 through your nose. Repeat this for as long as you need it.

10 Breathing techniques for stress relief 

We really hope these tips help you and you all have a magickal summer holiday whatever you are doing. If you found this blog helpful, please share it or leave a comment. Blessings.

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