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Gods and Goddesses in Witchcraft : A Beginner's Guide

Many Witches choose to research particular deities who can be invoked to assist in spell working. As you grow in knowledge you will find that many deities are related, or were adopted into different religious systems and often renamed. Before working with a particular deity it is recommended that you research and understand their nature first. As with so much of of witchcraft it is all about going at a pace you are comfortable with and with a path that speaks to you. 

We have included below a list of some of the most common deities in witchcraft, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. 

1. Belenus (or Bel)

Bel is known as the Gaulish God of light and the Sun who gives his name to Beltane. Belenus is an ancient Celtic God and can be referred to as the 'Sun God', often associated with the horse. 

2. Cernunnos (or Herne)

Herne, is the Celtic God of fertility, nature, animals, and the underworld. This God is usually depicted as having antlers and sometimes hooves. 

3. Frigg

Frigg is a Norse goddess of the household, motherhood, prophecy, and married women. As the wife of Odin she is also considered the queen of Asgard and the foremost Goddess.

4. Morrigan

Morrigan is an Irish Goddess, associated with war and death. She is often depicted as crow and in triple Goddess form. 

5. Hathor

Hathor is an Egyptian Goddess of love and joy. She is usually depicted as a cow or with a cows head. 

6. Nike

Nike is the Greek Goddess of victory in all things including ,war, art, athletics, music and so on. She would often challenge her suitors to try and out run her, and is often depicted as having wings.

7. Janus 

Janus is the Roman God who guards gateways, transitions and beginnings and from whom January was named. He is depicted with two faces, one to look forwards and one to look back. 

8. Astarte (Ashtart or Ishtar)

Astarte is a Phoenican Goddess of fertility, war, love and healing. You may see her reffered to in the bible. 

9. Auroa

She is the Roman Goddess of the Dawn. Aurora is said to renew every morning and cross the sky to herald the rising of the sun. 

10. Branwen

Branwen is a Welsh Goddess of love and beauty. She is also sometimes linked to 2 other Goddesses, Aphrodite and Venus. 

11. Ceridwen

Another Welsh Goddess, Ceridwn is associated with rebirth, poetry, inspiration and knowledge. Her name means 'witch' and she is depicted alongside wolves. 

12. Cupid

A name many of you will already be familiar with, is a Roman God and son of Venus. He is the God of love, desire and attraction. Most often depicted as a naked boy with wings carrying a bow and arrow. 

13. Matt

Matt is an Egyptian Goddess of truth, justice and order. You will often see her depicted with a feather on her head which some believe is a representation of her powers in balance and order. 

14. Freya

Freya, one of the Norse Goddesses, owns the necklace of Brisingamen. She is associated with love, beauty, war and divination 

15. Hecate

Hecate or Hekate is a Greek Goddess and daughter of Perses (son of Zeus). She is associated with crossroad, the household, spells, herbs and witchcraft. 

16. Athena 

Another Greek Goddess and the daughter of Zeus, she is associated with wisdom, handicrafts, justice, law, warfare and inspiration. Patchouli and Dragons Blood are favoured by Athena and can be used when working with this Goddess. 

17. Brigid

Brigid is a Celtic Goddess and daughter of Dagda (the god of life and death). She is associated with the hearth, pets, protection, healing, wisdom and poetry. 

18. Diana

Diana is a Roman Goddess and twin sister to Apollo (a sun god associated with music, poetry, art, prophecy, truth, healing and light). She is associated with fertility, childbirth, children and wild animals. 

If you found this blog useful please share or leave a comment and we will make a part 2 covering even more of the Gods and Goddesses. 


  • Very helpful. Thank you. Would love to learn more.

  • I wanting to learn more about witch craft and the type of gods to wordship until i found this page was the first one that came up in my head. I’ve picked which one I’d like to wordship and now i must get studying to fully understand

  • I found this very helpful, and it helped me to understand and learn something I did not know Thank You.

  • I found this very helpful, it helped me to understand and learn something new.

  • Working with the gods is complicated as they choose whom they want to work with. Not you, you must ask them if they would work with you. If they agree then they help you a lot. There is always a price they expect service from you too.

    Ashna Yates

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