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The meaning of a Blue Moon: The Moon & Magick

The first blue supermoon since 2009 will arrive with us on 30th August.  It is therefore a rare event and you may feel its presence in a most profound way.

Firstly, a blue moon occurs when there has already been a full moon in the month.  This is the only blue moon to occur in 2023 and that alone makes it special.  As the saying goes ‘once in a blue moon’ which is used to mean a rare event.  It does not mean that the moon will appear blue, in fact, it will appear the same luminous off white or yellow as usual.

As this blue moon is in August it can also be said to be a ‘fruit moon’ as this term is often used to describe a full moon that occurs around fruit picking season at the end of August or beginning of September.

This is the third supermoon of the year with the last set to occur on September 29th. A supermoon appears to be larger and brighter in the sky and this blue supermoon is set to be the biggest and brightest yet.

In magickal terms, this rare blue supermoon will allow you to release negativity and set intentions whilst having the best opportunity to use your intuition in doing so.  This supermoon is a time to embrace ourselves and create new, or second, chances to enrich our life or attract abundance.  Take your time to prepare a ritual which could include drawing down the moon or making a moon braid and think carefully on what you wish to manifest.  After all, this is a special time and you may have to wait many years before having another opportunity like this.

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