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What is a Kitchen Witch?

witchcraft subscription box

Last September, we created a Kitchen Witch themed box. Which is a theme we have always wanted to do, as you have complete creative freedom in your craft. The Kitchen is often the heart of the home. It is where we prepare meals and gather our friends. For the witch it is also likely to be the place where herbs are stored, or grown in pots, where ingredients are magickally transformed from everything from everyday meals to healing potions and where, no doubt, magick occurs consciously or otherwise.

In our box last month we created a box and filled it with all different types of goodies to aid you in your practices. It was our most exclusive box yet! we loved creating it for you and we hope you loved it!

•Exclusive Witchbox Earthenware Mug
•Packet of dried Parsley
•Exclusive Vanilla cones
•Packet of dried Rosemary
•Exclusive Herbs for Magickal purposes booklet
•Exclusive Cotton Tote bag
•Exclusive Lemon essential oil
•Packet of dried Thyme
•Exclusive Natural Magick card by the wonderful @thewitchoftheforest
•Green Quartz stone with info card
•Exclusive Book of Shadows page.
•Exclusive Weight adjustment spell

Thank you to everyone that supports us, and making our dreams come true! 

With Blessings,

The Witchbox Team


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