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Working with the Moon by Nikki Strange

I wanted to share my personal experience with working with the moon, as with most relationships, it takes long term dedication, patience and trust but once you’ve mastered your connection with the moon and see her as more than just a muse for ‘new moon wishing’ you will feel an unconditional knowing and wisdom that will help illuminate the way. 

Listen to your intuition 
 As I write this blog post, it's the dark moon, just before the new moon in Leo tomorrow. I had plans to go camping this weekend but I cancelled with full certainty for my sake (and fellow campers) that going would be a terrible idea. With my menstruation phase in sync with the waning crescent each cycle, my achy stomach cramps and heavy limbs remind me to take a hint from mama moon and take it slow and pay attention to my feelings and not to squish them down but allow them.  My pisces moon means I'm a sensitive soul at the best of times, but during this phase I make sure I conserve my energy to avoid depletion and lack lustre new moon intention settings in the new cycle. Make sure to take time out to do that extra bit of journaling, sleeping, meditating or binge film watching to top up your reserves so you have energy to share with others that isn’t laced with bitterness or resentment.

The moon is always there, our constant rhythmic time up in the sky.
Working with  the lunar cycle is a very forgiving and expansive practice so try and work with her phases in an open and fluid way. The cyclical movement of the moon's orbit around our planet and it’s cosmic dance with the sun, means that the cycle always starts again, no matter what else is going on around us. I always find this incredibly comforting, especially when life gets busy and I feel I've not been able to fully commit my energy to working with my new moon wishes. Instead of punishing myself with scrutiny and thoughts of ‘what I should be doing’  or becoming obsessed with knowing the daily zodiac alignment of the moon, I take a conscious moment out of my evening to go outside and take a look up at the sky. I search for her celestial form, whatever phase she is in and in that moment I reconnect with the mama moon, her wisdom and her guidance and I am back in flow.

Be experimental and creative. 
I’m quite young at heart and as a millennial 33 year old (who still feels 22) I find setting my intentions at the new moon very sacred, a time when I can let my imagination be vivid, hopeful and open to seeing things differently.  The new moon certainly acts a catalyst for change being at the beginning of the cycle it holds a lot of power, though it’s good to remember there are lots of opportunities to be creative in the other 7 phases, especially when calling in big changes that require you to do things differently. In ‘Cosmic Flow’ my recently released book which is an interactive journal to help you get in rhythm with the lunar cycle, I've included lots of creative activities designed to help you open up, to shift your perception and see where in your life you have an agency to change things up and get out of your own way. When working with the moon it’s important to challenge your routine and daily rituals by going  back to play as often as you can, to access a state of exploration and curiosity (even if it’s just half an hour) to help get out of your head and to potentially allow a new idea or solution to emerge when least expected. 

Keep a record
I use a lunar diary and journal to record all my moon rituals, as well as a daily check in to record how I feel  whilst tuning into the moon’s current lunar phase.  As previously mentioned, I'm not obsessive and rigid with this, I  don’t dedicate hours but I do try  my best to journal daily as I've seen profound changes in myself that are very subtle but I’m certain are down to this daily practice. I  try to write first thing when I wake up (or do a voice note if i’m running late) so that I can capture any vivid dreams and subconscious thoughts before my mind has fully woken. This makes it raw and honest (if sometimes ugly) but it means it’s offloaded onto the pages before my day has started . The relief I feel really changes how I see my day, usually with new appreciation and if not, at least a little bit more self awareness.  Journaling daily means you can get intimate with yourself on the regular, you’ll see the way your energy subtly shifts throughout the lunar cycle and all the progress of your new moon intentions; all action, work and reflection it can take for them to come into fruition and when they don’t, it give you a space to understand yourself better, to unpick any sabotaging behaviours and let go.
All the best,
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  • Hi Nikki and Team
    I enjoy yr knowledge.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with me . I will enjoy this special kitchen box I received this morning. Have a wonderful day.
    Love and lots of light to U all. X

    Debbie Hunt
  • Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge. I’m loving the book and looking forward to seeing how I turn out due the moon.
    Blessings and Love ❤

    Terri Ramdeen

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