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Yggdrasil Day - Celebrating the Tree of Life

Yggdrasil Day is on Saturday, the 22nd of April, this year. This festival day is either celebrated on the 22nd of April or the last Friday of the month, annually.

Yggdrasil is the World Tree in Norse mythology, a great Ash Tree that connects our world to the others, with branches that reach high into the Heavens. The tree is supported by its three great roots and is the place where Gods collectively govern over our world.

Also known in much of the world as the 'Tree of Life', this day is all about celebrating it as the source of life and of the magnificent nature that supports us and the world around us.  It is important to understand our place within the Universe and to spend time appreciating the co-dependency that we have for each other's existence.

Honouring Yggdrasil

  • You can honour Yggdrasil Day by finding a quiet woodland space to practice your craft. Allow yourself to become immersed with your surroundings and be one with the blessings of nature.
  •  Planting a tree is a great way to pay your respects to this great source of life. Trees provide the oxygen we breath and we must care for them as much as they do for us. Be sure to plant it in a place of significance to you.
  • Take part in tree-hugging, an activity which is as simple as it sounds and has been proven to raise levels of the hormone oxytocin – the ‘feel good’ hormone.  Join with family, or friends, and organise a tree-hugging ceremony, feeling the strength and power of each tree as you hug it. 
  • Giving the tree a gentle knock, which recognises the divinity of the tree, is said to bring good luck.

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