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5 ways to use onion peel in witchcraft – Zero waste magick

Witchcraft can so often be conducted with ingredients that are found in back of your cupboards or even items you would have previously thrown away. Onion skins are the perfect example of this. They have along history in magick dating back to the ancient Egyptians. It is believed ancient Egyptians would worship the onion as it was thought to represent eternal life and was associated with the Osiris – the God of the afterlife. There are even images depicting priest placing onions on altars, showing their spiritual weight.

Onions still have significance today in witchcraft. They are associated with the planet mars, the element of fire, the sun, and the heart chakra. All these associations mean onions can be used in magick for love, money, prosperity, success, protection, banishing and fertility. These powers reside in the whole onion including the skin.

Onion skins are often seen by many as a waste product, mostly likely due to the fact they are not eaten although this is too is starting to change –  there are so many good recipes using onions skins. If you aspire to lead a practise that is as environmentally friendly as possible then read our 5 ways to use onion skins in your craft.

  1. Make Banishing Salt

    Salts, especially black salt, has long been used for its protective benefits, to keep a home safe and warn off intruders. Use this salt in any spells for banishing / protection magick and to create a protective boundary around your home. You may want to carry a small amount with you to deter negative people from interacting with you or place under you pillow to banish nightmares.


    • Black salt
    • Dried or burnt onion peel (ground or teared into small pieces)
    • Chamomile
    • Black pepper (corns or ground)


    Dry or burn your onion peel and gather all the ingredients. Combine all the ingredients together, and think about how you want this banishing salt to serve you. Store this salt ready for when you need it.

     2. Use as spell vessel

      Many protection spells in witchcraft require the spell to be buried near your home. This can be challenging for witches who are focused on protecting the environment. Onion peel is a great option for a zero-waste biodegradable spell vessel. In addition, onions are a strongly protective ingredient so it may add even more power to your spell.

      Simply take a whole onion peel and lay it on its side. Fill with your spell ingredients as you would a spell bag or a bottle. Then take natural twine or straw and tie up the ends. This spell can then either be buried or hung in your home.

      Watch out video tutorial here


      1. Use for prosperity magick

      Onions are strongly associated with success and prosperity magick and can be used in a very similar way to how you might use bay or basil leaves.

      One of our favourite ways to attract money is by taking the dried onion peel and writing on symbols of money and success. You may want to create your own prosperity sigil and draw this on the peel. If you have them to hand you can do the same with bay leaf and add them all together. While focusing your mind on your desires, place your peel on a fireproof dish and burn.


      1. Create protection bowl

      All witches before starting to perform spell work should make sure they understand how to protect themselves otherwise they may be left open to negative energies. One simple way to do this is to create a protection bowl. Leave this bowl at the entrance to your home or on your altar.

      For this protection bowl you will need:

      Bowl (that you have cleansed, this can be done by passing it through the smoke of burnt onion peel)

      Onion peel (with protective symbols drawn on it)


      Egg shell

      Black salt

      Obsidian (black or snowflake)

       Remember to take all necessary precautions when working with fire.


      1. Make Onion Powder

      Lastly these onion peels can be used to created onion powder. To do this wash the peel and either let them dry naturally by laying flat and leaving in a well-ventilated room. Or the process can be speed up by putting them in the oven until dry – watch them like a hawk as they can easily burn.

      Then take these skins and grind them in your mortar and pestle until they are like a powder. This powder can then be used to anoint candles to manifest success and fertility, carried with you for protection or used in a dream charm bag.


      We hope you found this blog useful if you did please share or leave a comment. Blessings x 


      • Is there a meaning to keep finding red onion skin at my back door? Much like you find feathers, just ‘there’ but I haven’t used red onion recently, its raining and the onion skin is dry… I can’t see it till I open the door and both pieces at separate times are in the bottom of the frame..🤔

      • Great article. I love this concept of zero waste in practicing the craft. Thank you for sharing!

      • Great article. I love this concept of zero waste in practicing the craft. Thank you for sharing!


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