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Top three ways to create powerful manifestation spells


Manifestation is the art of bringing something into your life through magick and positive thoughts. A spell where you draw something to yourself can be considered a manifestation spell, and some say all spells are manifestation spells.

Positive thinking and setting intention are the two keys to creating strong manifestations. Believing that your spell will be effective will give you the best chance of creating the desired result. Many witches prefer to set intentions in written form, similar to writing an intention statement. By setting powerful intentions in written form, you are defining the boundaries of your life. Intention statements are a way to take charge of your energy and manifest your best life. 

  • Maintaining your mindset:

    • Choose the right and achievable goal. Common goals for manifestation spells include; prosperity, a holiday, health, healing, a new job and fertility. We recommend that the goals you manifest are physically and emotionally attainable and don't put anyone in harm's way. 
    • Be confident, if you are not sure about your readiness for the goal you are manifesting or you don't believe in yourself your spell will most likely be unsuccessful. Be confident and believe in your power, know in your heart that this is the best thing for you.
    • Be open to different outcomes and consequences. Sometimes even the best set intentions fail or have unexpected results.You must be willing to accept the outcome.
    • Once you have completed your manifestation, forget about it. Don`t think about it and let the universe work its magick. You will recognise your manifestations when the result presents itself.

  • Stones to enhance manifestations:

    • Money/Prosperity: Pyrite, Citrine and Tiger's Eye.

    • A new job/Promotion: Sodalite, Lapis lazuli and Chalcedony.

    • New house/Car: Selenite, Black Obsidian and Peridot.

    • Holiday/Break: Hematite, Smoky Quartz and Amethyst.

    • Health or Healing: Bloodstone, Tourmaline, Jasper.

    • Love: Rose quartz, Rhodonite and Carnelian.

    • Fertility: Moonstone, Green Jade and Unakite

    Manifesting with crystals can help with achieving specific goals, the traits of the selected crystals work with your chosen goals to help manifest the outcome. Using crystals also channels your energy into a physical object which you can carry with you to help guide your manifestation. 

  • Base your manifestations around the cycle of the moon

  • Many magick practitioners observe the phases of the moon, choosing a specific phase to enhance their magickal workings, 

    Full moon

    The full moon is seen as the most powerful of the moon phases. Prepare for transformation and the harvest of your intentions. 

    Waning moon

    The waning moon is the time for letting go. Absorb all the revelations brought to you during the full moon. Reflect on your goals and reset your mind. 

    New moon

    This is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, begin planting your intention and manifest. Ensure you are setting the necessary goals.

    Waxing moon

    This time represents the cultivation of your intentions and ideas. Write down  a plan of action that inspires you. Commit to your goals and intentions, prepare for manifestation through continued action.


    Thank you so much for reading and we hope we inspired you to manifest your dreams! With Blessings,

    The Witchbox Team

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